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We handle any size interior job in the Houston area. If you have electrical services that need to be done in your home, we’re your guys.


Not only do we handle residential work but even commercial work. Give us a call and we will give fair bids! Our crews work hard and efficiently, you won’t be disappointed.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your driveway. Show off the new landscaping that was put in at your home. Create a safe environment around your home at night. We can do it all.


Before remodeling give us a call. We would love to help mark off areas where you have electrical wiring. Not only that but we can help you rewire the areas that need to be.

Service Upgrades

Upgrade your service panel to handle the load your home is putting on it. Using outdated service panels can be dangerous. Bring your home up to code today.

Safety Inspection

If you need a safety inspection give us a call. Did you just buy a new home and need to check out the wiring? Old homes generally need to be checked for safety reasons.

Ceiling Fan

We install ceiling fans. Not only can a new ceiling fan make your home look great but it can lower your energy costs. Anywhere in your home, no problem!

Inside Electric Solutions

For any other inside electric solutions you need we are your guys. Let us know if you need to add outlets, lights, or anything else. Our job is to help with all electric solutions.


“We really wanted a ceiling fan put in our bedroom and My Woodlands Electrician helped us get that done!”

– Theresa , The Woodlands, TX



Residential electrician services in The Woodlands, Tx is our specialty. We love coming into homeowners homes and providing a variety of services. You can read all about them on this page. Safety is our number one priority. Doing a quality job is more than just pride in the electrical field. A quality job is the difference between keeping homeowners safe versus creating a fire hazard in the home. You’ll never have to worry about that with our highly trained master electricians.

We are your favorite family owned and operated residential electrician business in all of Houston! Our fair pricing models and excellent estimators combine for a successful experience. Keeping our customers safe, happy, and satisfied is what we do best. You won’t find another electrician in Houston that is more dedicated to bringing an excellent customer service experience than My Woodlands Electrician service. Give us a call or fill out a quote to get your home electrical needs taken care of today!


Having a safe work environment is crucial in a business setting. One of the worst things that could happen is an electrical fire that burns your building to the ground. Let us come in and check out your building’s electrical wiring to make sure it’s not just up to code but that your service box can handle the load. A lot of times in older buildings the electrical work is poor and dangerous. We want your business to be safe and sound.

Another aspect of the commercial sector we do is new construction. We can handle any size job. Big or small. Our team is not only seasoned in new construction but they are the best in all of Houston. A bid from our company is always going to be fair and a job by us will always be quality. You won’t have to worry about no show electricians or delayed deadlines, we have a solid team that gets the job done.

Outdoor Lighting

We are Houston’s outdoor lighting specialists! Whether you want to highlight the beautiful landscaping in your yard, light up a driveway or walkway, or add security lighting we can help. Not only do we install outdoor light but we can even repair your existing lighting. Take advantage of the great weather in Houston and extend your living space from only indoors to include outdoors as well! In order to make that dream happen you’ve gotta have light!

Another reason for using outdoor lighting is for pathway illumination. Make it easier for you children to see where they’re walking also if you’re elderly it’s always safer to be able to see where you’re going. Do you have a long driveway and want to be able to see it from the road or able to back out at night without too much trouble? We can help! Another great reason for outdoor lighting is safety. Installing flood lights around your home or even just having basic lighting you can make your home much safer from robbery.


Remodeling your home can be a daunting task. You might not only need us but even another contractor to help with other tasks. Before blowing out walls on your own and trying to rewire your home you should always consult with an electrician. The last thing you want is to cut an electrical wire and be without power until we can come fix it. The way we look at it is, we will be there either way so why not give us a call before you break something?

When trying to make additions, finish your basement, or remove walls there are lots of electrical issues to solve. Sometimes you’ll want to remove a wall but there are wires running through it. Maybe you want to add a doorway or opening but the same issue happens. It’s a simple fix for the professionals. At My Woodlands Electrician we not only know how to reroute your wiring but we do it safely and for a great price!


“I wouldn’t have been able to remodel my basement without these guy’s help!”

– Jennifer , The Woodlands , Tx


Service Upgrades

We also perform service upgrades and breaker box installation in Houston. This is a common service that we provide because the old 60 amp service boxes just aren’t enough for modern day application. Do you have a panel that is 20+ years old? Are your breakers popping regularly? You might have an insufficient breaker box! We always recommend getting your breaker box looked at if it’s older and not working properly, this is not only a safety hazard but a fire hazard as well!

We want to eliminate all fire hazards in your home. Old service panels are basically a fire hazard waiting to happen. An average home will need a 100 amp service box to sufficiently power the home. Do you need a service panel upgrade? Don’t hesitate to ask, we would love to schedule a service inspection to see if your box can handle it’s current load.

Safety inspections

A lot of homeowners in The Woodlands, TX need to get their electrical panels and wiring inspected. In older homes around the Houston area it’s crucial that you make sure your home is a safe environment for your family. Let us come and inspect your electrical boxes and determine whether the wiring is outdated, your boxes are outdated or being overtaxed. Eliminate this fire hazard today, don’t wait this one out.

If you want to check on your own to see the safety of your electrical outlets see if your home is equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). These are requirements for modern homes for their safety features that protect from electrocution. If you don’t have these in “wet” rooms you should give us a call immediately to update your electrical systems. Call today and we will be out to inspect your home immediately!

Ceiling Fans

Let’s face it, it gets hot in south Texas! Our summers are hot and humid for months and months. If you don’t have a fan in your room or in a room that you hang out in a lot it can be uncomfortable and drive up your cooling costs. By using a ceiling fan you can save up to 40% on your cooling costs! That’s a lot of money, this is an investment you will see your money back on.

Ceiling fans can be tricky to install and a pain even if they come with instructions. Not only that but sometimes you don’t previously have a fan in the room you want so how do you install one? It’s simple, let us handle it. We can even wire an entirely new place in your home that you never had a light or fan before! Nothing is impossible when you use the professionals! Give us a call and we’d love to come check out how we could service your electric needs today!

Indoor Lighting Solutions

Have you ever looked around your room to find an outlet? A lot of times in older homes there are only one or two outlets per room. This can be an issue in today’s world. We use electronics at a much higher rate than before so having enough electric outlets is crucial. Let us come in and help solve this simple problem for you and don’t forget we can do a variety of other things as well.

We would never recommend to an inexperienced homeowner to do this themselves. Sometimes outlets are broken and need rewired, this is dangerous for untrained individuals. Rewiring is often out of the picture for DIYers. Our fair pricing is more than worth it to get a job well done at a price you can afford. Affordable electric service in Houston is what we do.

“You can trust these guys, they do excellent work and you can’t beat the prices for the quality!”

– Frank , Spring, TX